Management Consultation for Corporate, Government and Private institutes


Being able to understand the function, context and importance of plant, machinery and equipment to the enterprise is beneficial for current and future strategic decisions.


Our consultants and engineers have extensive experience of many industries, and are therefore able to provide our clients with accurate, and sound advice for them to base decisions on.

This leads to improved plant, machinery and equipment performance, reduced maintenance costs, reduced down time and therefore improved returns.


At CATVAL, we understand that the economic value of a going concern is generally worth more than the simple sum of its assets’ value.


Our expertise within the South African manufacturing, mining markets can provide management with consultancy services with particular strengths in the following areas:

  • Review and suggest improvements on existing manufacturing processes and operations
  • Carry out feasibility studies on projects in different industries
  • Review and suggest improvements to asset management strategies, their operation and maintenance
  • Evaluate how aspects of plant, machinery and equipment can be changed or modified in order to improve throughput and reduce operational costs
  • Check the effectiveness of plant, machinery and equipment’s ability to perform to requirements and throughput.
  • Operational risk identification and mitigation overviews
  • Analysis of existing and proposed venture opportunities and threats in the context of plant, machinery and equipment
  • Identification of tangible and intangible assets for raising capital
  • Advise on the best valuation methodologies and strategies for client specific requirements


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