Plant, Machinery, Equipment and Business Valuations by RICS Accredited Valuers


Plant, machinery and equipment form a major part of many industrial enterprises and business assets.

We have experience, established knowledge and data spanning across industries, including:

  • Machinery Valuations
  • Asset Valuations
  • Automotive Valuations
  • Equipment Valuations
  • Plant Valuations
  • Electrical and Power Valuations
  • Food and Beverage Valuations
  • Textile Valuations
  • Iron and Steel Valutations
  • Mining Valuations
  • Petrochemical Valuations
  • Pharmaceutical Valuations
  • Printing Valuations
  • Construction Valuations
  • Transportation Valuations


We are able to provide valuation services for the purpose of:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Financial Reporting
  • Project Finance Valuation
  • Group Restructuring Valuation
  • Litigation Valuation
  • Liquidation Valuation
  • Taxation Valuation
  • Business Valuation
  • Intangible Asset Valuation
  • Due diligence


CATVal specialises in  Plant, Machinery, Asset and Business valuations as well as Consulting, in order to fill a gap in the South African market and provide streamlined and accurate plant and machinery valuations through a professional and cost effective service, benefitting our clients' with a target and business objective orientated Valuations Service.


All Valuers are Highly Experienced, Qualified and Accredited through the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). CATVal has over 31 years of experience within the Plant, Machaninery Asset and Business Valuations industry; we are associated with GAVAN, a leading European and international valuation practice. CATVal also holds 'Professional Indemnity' insurance.

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